Gluten free Penne Pastificio La Rosa 500g * 3

Gluten free Penne Pastificio La Rosa 500g * 3

Mulina Val d'Orcia

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3 packs of 500g, total 1.5kg 

Penne enhance all types of condiments, from traditional ones, based on meat or tomato, to those with vegetables. 100% Italian product, the corn and rice Penne gluten free are produced with no eggs, milk, soy, salt, preservatives and thickeners.

A pasta with unique characteristics, artisanal, produced with rice and corn flour that comes from a long kneading process and slow drying that allow it to enhance the flavours of the sauces and to be enjoyed by everyone.

A gluten-free option that is just as delicious and flavoursome as durum wheat pasta, perfect to to satisfy even the most demanding palates!