Spelt Paccheri Pasta 500g * 3

Spelt Paccheri Pasta 500g * 3

Mulina Val d'Orcia

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3 Packs of 500g, total 1.5kg

Mulino Val d’Orcia spelt pasta are an artisanal product made with stone-ground spelt flour in the family mill in the municipality of Pienza, in the Sienese countryside. 

Paccheri are a type of pasta of the Neapolitan tradition, with the shape of giant macaroni. Ideal with fish or meat sauce and can also be stuffed, for example with ricotta. Organic stone-ground flours guarantee a healthier and balanced diet.

Spelt helps to keep blood sugar under control and is indicated for those suffering from diabetes and insulin resistance. Furthermore, thanks to the low fat content, it is also suitable for those who follow a low-calories diet.