Leuta 2,618 Cabernet Franc Toscana IGT 2015

Leuta 2,618 Cabernet Franc Toscana IGT 2015


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Varietal: 100% Cabernet Franc

The Cabernet Franc 2,618 of Leuta is a gem of ruby color of a boutique company, preciously nestled between the hills of Siena. Leuta is a dream, a project of two young friends in love with the Tuscan landscape and its nature, its rhythms and its whims. After years of working in finance in 2000 decided to go back to basics: the families of both were already owner of a few tens of hectares of vineyard and tobacco, in Trentino. Leuta was officially born a few years later when the two turn their interests to Tuscany and purchased the land where the vines thrive today the farm. Here, on a clay loam soil, pampered by the mild microclimate, the grapes of Cabernet Franc magically ripen. Here, the grapes is enriched with the wonderful scents that stand out for tasting the splendid 2,618. So softly to make it an unforgettable bottle. His red cloak with sinuous dark reflections intrigues us, leading us to pour a glass in a very short time. At least one glass. Soon we will be surrounded by an irresistible aroma of chocolate dancing sensually, giving us unique sensations that are lost in the notes of tobacco, ancient spice and dried fruit sweeter. In tasting, the Cabernet Franc 2,618 is generous, showing off its curvy and full body, before closing with a boundless final. The cellar Leuta has shown that perfection can be repeated, with a sip after another of Cabernet Franc 2,618.

Winemaking: Fermentation at controlled temperature, with maceration on the skins for 20 days
Aging: 12 months in French oak barrels

Colour: Deep ruby red

Scent: Intense, rich and complex, with hints of sweet spices and aromatic herbs, with dominants of tobacco, herbs and dried fruit

Taste: Full-bodied and concentrated, with a good balance between tannins and aromatic intensity, very persistent