Prosecco Villa Varago

Prosecco Villa Varago


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Cantina Girardi is an award-winning winemaker specialising in the most delicious Proseccos. This sparkling wine is versatile, reliable, and ideal for any occasion. Best served chilled, in a champagne flute or tulip-shaped glass.

PERFECT FOR: Any occasion if you’re feeling bubbly!

GRAPES: Glera (Prosecco)

REGION: Veneto

COLOUR: Light straw yellow coloured with pale green reflections.

FLAVOUR PROFILE: Soft, fine, and persistent perlage (bubbles). Extra dry, light, and refreshing, with hints of fruitiness, sour apple, and pear.

FOOD PAIRINGS: Delicious as an aperitif or served with light lunches, risotto dishes, and wild herbs.