Fontina Cheese DOP 300g

Fontina Cheese DOP 300g

Cooperativa Fontina

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Fontina DOP was born on the mountaineous grazing lands of Valle d’Aosta, the only region officially authorized to its production. For its making it is used exclusively milk form local cows, able to produce less milk, but with an excellent quality. Thanks to the genuineness of raw materials and to the attention that manufacturers give to all the processing methods, in 1995 Fontina entered the list of Italian culinary excellences, with the Protected Designation of Origin.

Taste & Characteristics

The original Fontina DOP has particular taste and qualities, so that the impassioned of this cheese easily recognize it. Fontina is a fat cheese, with a texture between soft and semi-hard, depending on the seasoning period.

The maturation inside the caves allows the creation of a compact crust, with different shades of brown, from the lighter to the darker of seasoned wheels. The texture is very elastic and it melts in the mouth, one of the most appreciated features of this cheese.

The internal color is often straw-yellow, especially in wheels produced during the summertime, and it becomes more intense in the other periods. Another peculiarity of Fontina is the presence of sparse, but well visible holes.

For what concerns the taste, Fontina differs from the other cheeses for the sweet and pleasant taste, given especially by the green herbs of grazing lands. Thanks to the moderate salting process, milk conserves its original features. As a result, cheese has a full taste, but at the same time it is never exaggerated.