Gorgonzola Cremoso DOP 300g

Gorgonzola Cremoso DOP 300g

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Its creamy texture and the presence of the typical green veining make it an inimitable product, unique in its category and appreciated worldwide. Gorgonzola represents the symbol of the dairy production of Northern Italy and it is often object of useless attempts to imitate it, especially for its inestimable cultural and culinary value. For this reason, in 1970 was created the Consorzio per la Tutela del Formaggio Gorgonzola, which vigilates still today the genuineness and the originality of this product. Gorgonzola gained in 1996 the Protected Designation of Origin.

The typical greenish-blue veining, which characterises Gorgonzola, more evident in the “Gorgonzola Piccante”. The rind is rather rough, with reddish shades. The traditional Gorgonzola “two curd”, in closing, differs for its inimitable taste, very aromatic and spicy.